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Running a business in which large amounts of related data are collected; We must devote a lot of attention and work time to ensuring that the documentation is accurately and reliably kept. However, despite all efforts, there is always the problem that something is missing or is not where it is needed.

What if we tell you that the situations where there are mistakes can be virtually eliminated and the time spent on keeping records is cut in half?

A cloud-based IT system will help us, with the database structure developed over the years, which will allow us to enter and store information appropriately.

By presenting the benefits of implementing a new system in the company, we will try to prove our thesis.

Keeping customer information and related data in one view:

  • Customer information with details. 
  • Customer’s payment view, where both the accounting, the company owner or even the interested party have access.
  • Orders and their status.
  • Photos, documents, scans, test results, etc.

Automation of manual processes:

  • Automatic sending of e-mails when the order status changes.
  • Notification of new employee tasks.
  • Assigning tasks to employees by the system when someone reports with a specific inquiry via email, text message or a form on the website
  • Create documents directly from the system, ready to be sent by e-mail or printed
  • Convenient information search and database search.  

Data security through validation and process automation:

-The system is able to check information before saving it and compare it with existing ones, which avoids errors and duplicate information.

-Automating invoicing and checking the status of payments.

-After submitting and accepting the order, the system will itself create appropriate orders for individual departments of the company and send a notification to anyone interested with information about the order.

At ME PL, we implement the Salesforce cloud system, which has many other additional functionalities useful in increasing the company’s effectiveness and efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about Salesforce, you can check the articles on our blog or contact us directly via the contact form, e-mail or telephone.

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