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Import, export, and data update in Salesforce are very important issues that improve the data migration process. There are plenty of solutions in the market for Salesforce helping to throw large batches of information into the organization at once.

One such solution is allowing you to perform simple and more complex data migration operations from the browser.  is free when migrating up to 10,000 records per month. It is worth paying attention to him and getting acquainted with his possibilities. It has instructions in the form of videos on the YT platform, full documentation and customer support. 

In this article, we will briefly describe the action of and summarize its disadvantages and advantages.

At the very beginning, we type in the browser search,  , when you open the page on the right, we have a button to log in with Salesforce.

Login looks similar to that of ‘normal’ sign-in to your organization.

Then we allow access to the program to our organization.

After logging in, we are shown a page with instructions for every possible action. 

In the upper left corner of the drop-down list under the NEW Task button, we click Export.

Now we select the object from which we want to download the information. Click Next.

After all, we found in the editing window on the left, select the fields that are on the Account object, from which we want to download the information.

In the filter section, we select what records to retrieve for their values in the selected field. Click +.

Then we can sort the records by a given value from the field.

When we develop the SOQL Query tab, a record of the operation we want to do will appear. Click Next.

Click Save and Run. 

The Advanced and Destination Folder bookmarks allow you to specify the date and time of data downloads, select where to save the file, and the format of the data.

By clicking on the place marked by the arrow, a file with our data will be downloaded. for data migration is simple and intuitive to use, you can use the browser level in one view. It offers data export at a certain time and allows you to save it in the cloud. Its drawback is the monthly limit on data migration in the free version. Other programs during migration require knowledge of Query as is the case with Salesforce Inspector. Therefore, it is worth looking at the proposal offered by, because by paying we receive full customer service and access to documentation.

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