Data migration with Import Wizard

Data Import Wizard is a Salesforce function that allows you to insert data into standard objects such as accounts, contacts, leads, solutions, campaign members, person accounts and custom ones. Data Import Wizard is limited to imports, with a maximum of 50,000 records at a time.

To start the Import Wizard, enter Setup, then enter the Data Import Wizard in Quick Find, a window will appear with information about what files we have already imported, below is the Launch Wizard!, Where we click. 

We were moved to the work window, where starting from the left, select the object, then select one of the actions we want to perform (in our case, the Account and Contact object, the action Add new records). Then select the previously prepared data file in CSV format. Click Next in the bottom right corner.

Some of the fields have been matched automatically, but we should check if the field was the correct one. The picture below shows a map with automatic matching, however some fields are incorrectly assigned. To change the match, click Change or Map and select the appropriate fields.

This is what the Mapping window looks like, in which we choose from the fields on the Account and Contact object. You can choose several fields in Salesforce that will be filled with the same information contained in our file.

Below I present some changes I made while mapping the fields. Only fields from the Account object were selected, because that is what we are interested in.

If everything is correct, click Next and Start Import, you will be redirected to the window with information about the process and possible errors that may have occurred during data import.

As we can see below, all interesting records have been created.

And all the fields have been filled in, with the appropriate values.

If You prefer video:

Source: ME PL Solution’s YouTube channel

Data Import Wizard is a helpful and easy-to-use tool available in Salesforce for quick creating or editing data, which allows you to speed up data transfer and management in one place. ME PL offers a whole range of services in data migration and we invite you to contact us for cooperation.

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