Date Exchange Rate Salesforce

In this post, we will familiarize you with the Date Exchange Rate function, which allows you to set the change in the exchange rate on the day you choose. This article is a development of the previous Link entry, where we described how to add currencies for an organization.

We are in the Setup> Company Information> Currency Setup window, click Enable in the Advanced Currency Management tab (Step 14), check the box shown in Step 15 and then Enable (Step 16).

Now the Manage Currencies window will load (it is available under the same name in Setup (Step 17). Clicking on the Manage Currencies field (Step 19), we will go to the window where we can manage previously added currencies. We choose Manage Dated Exchange Rates (Step 18).

The checked box (Step 20) informs us what are the Dated Exchange Rates in Step 21 we can make this window no longer appear to us and then click Continue.

Click  New Exchange Rates (Step 22).

In Step 23 select the date from which the new course will be calculated, Step 24 enter the new course and then save (Step 25). It is worth adding here that if we close a given Opportunities (status closed won) before the date of the change in the exchange rate, the value of the transaction will be calculated for the value of the rate at the time of closing.

If we make a mistake setting Dated Exchange Rates we can edit by clicking on Euro (Step 26) ….

… The Dated Exchange Rates edition window in Salesforce Classic will open

Solutions are also available which allow you to download information on the current exchange rate from the bank or stock exchange site selected by us, if you would be interested in such a solution please contact us. 

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