Debug on Canvas – Flow

One of the most useful tools we got during the winter update is the ability to check errors that may appear while creating a Flow from the level of its edition window. Just click the button marked in the graphic below (Debug on Canvas).

After opening the window, we have a choice of debugging options.

-The first one allows you to run Flow as a different user, which allows you to check whether the process works for a given user profile and does not throw errors.

-The second option allows you to return to the starting state before debugging. This means that all changes made by the automation are canceled.

-Third checkbox allows you to view Query limits.

As we have already reviewed the options at the bottom in the window we select the record for which the process is to be run.

Click Run

Orange shows the path that the flow ‘went through’, and the top left shows whether the process was successful or an error occurred.

On the right, in the debugging details, we have all the details of the process flow.

Another quite important and interesting change in the design and editing of automation, which will be especially useful for administrators to check Flow faster and more accurately.

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