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A new post in the “sales in the times of the pandemic” series.

In today’s post, we will focus on the difference in perception of reality by management and employees in relation to mobile/remote working conditions.

We will refer to the statistics from the latest Salesforce report: State of Service, 3rd edition.

80% of service decision makers say they provide mobile workers with the technology and resources they need to do their jobs well

Source: State of Service, 3rd edition, Salesforce

The presented image of the perception of the reality differs significantly from what employees see themselves.

Mobile workers say that:

I have to toggle between multiple screens to find all the information I need to do my job (49%)

Source: State of Service, 3rd edition, Salesforce

When asked about the availability of the data needed for work, they answer:

I’ve wasted significant time because of inaccurate or outdated job information (45%)

Source: State of Service, 3rd edition, Salesforce

The discrepancy in the perception of reality by the management and employees is clear. As many as 80% of the surveyed executives say that everything is fine, that their subordinates have the right tools to do their job. The employees, however, reply that they waste a lot of time searching for the information they need.

Conducting anonymous company surveys seems like a good idea. Perhaps the smile of an employee when asked about the working conditions disappears as soon as he leaves the manager’s office.

If it turns out that your company lacks the appropriate tools to perform remote work, maybe it’s time to think about changes?

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