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In today’s post, we will describe the basic functions of the tool for insurance Agents – Digital Insurance Platform. the Platform is a Salesforce CRM product designed for professionals in the insurance industry.

Digital Insurance Platform

A tool dedicated to insurance agents, it is part of Salesforce Financial Cloud. The platform helps insurers and their distribution partners rapidly transform into digital, customer-centric companies. This is very important. Insurance Agents know like no other how important it is to build good relationships with clients.

Unlike other systems dedicated to the work of insurance Agents, the Digital Insurance platform is fully integrated with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system from Salesforce. This means access to more information about the customer than in standard systems. Most industry oriented software

Insurance industry challenges

Customers expect to be able to settle all matters related to their insurance online. Moreover, they would also like to be able to make a purchase on various devices – smartphone or tablet. Customers expect that it will not be necessary to visit a facility or contact an agent to obtain an insurance quote or submit an application. Ideally, everything should be done online, and contact with the agent should be limited to more complicated matters that require specialist knowledge.

Changes that are currently taking place on the market – regardless of the industry, are happening with unprecedented dynamics. Keeping up with the market has become a necessity. Suppose a customer is interested in your product. Suppose he is willing to make a purchase with his smartphone. If he can’t do that, he’ll probably look elsewhere. In a world of comparable products and services, these are the things that make you successful.

Many agents complain that they are forced to work on several systems. Many Agents need to use: insurance builder software, spreadsheets containing some information, search e-mail or SMS from the client. This leaves agents spending a lot of time searching for the information they need. Another advantage of Salesforce CRM is the integration of the systems used so far. Wou are able to integrate all systems into one coherent system where all the information will be stored.

The right tools are essential to ensure the quality of service that your customers expect.

Insurance industry solutions

The Digital Insurance Platform is a response to the challenges of the insurance industry. Salesforce cares about the continuous development of its products and keeping up with changes. Three updates a year will allow you to focus on your tasks. No need to that your software may be out of date anymore.

The modular structure of the Platform will allow you to easily perform basic operations from the very beginning. The platform also allows for the integration of older, previously used systems.

We mentioned the basic components of the Platform. We will list them with a brief description.

  • Product Administration. Drives agile insurance product development, policy rating, and more.
  • Quote, Rate, and Apply. Enables digital quoting for policyholders, brokers, and underwriters.
  • Policy Administration. Manages the entire policy lifecycle, including quoting, issuance, endorsements, billing, renewals, and commissions.
  • Contract and Enroll. Creates contracts with employers and enrolls participants in group benefit plans.
  • Claims Management. Enables the entire claims lifecycle, including claim intake, auto-adjudication, managing reserves, and arranging payment

Source: Salesforce

What problems does the Digital Insurance Platform solve?

The first benefit of implementing the Platform is the digitization of the company. Thanks to the digitization of services, your business becomes more efficient. Insurance agents in your company equipped with the right tools also become more effective. A tailor-made IT system also allows your customers to easily renew their policies online.

With Digital Insurance Platform:

  • You will integrate many systems into one consistent system that is much easier to use.
  • You will automate some of the repetitive, time-consuming processes.
  • Ease of introducing new products.
  • All data in the cloud that you will have access to from any device, from anywhere.
  • You will be sure that the tools you use meet your needs and are up-to-date.

The Digital Insurance Platform is much more

We have described only a few basic functions of the Platform. Digital Insurance Platform is part of the Salesforce CRM system. It is impossible not to mention the main advantage of the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – the possibility to tailor it to your individual needs. Imagine that you don’t have to bend to the software you are using anymore. Bend your tools to your unique needs – not yourself.

Contact us today and learn about the opportunities offered to the insurance industry from the largest CRM Service Provider in the world.

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology.

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Grow with Salesforce!

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