Do More with Opportunity Products

Salesforce is used to simplify and solve many issues in companies, today we would like to present you with a specific example of how to use the news introduced on the Salesforce platform.
The case concerns the latest Spring’21 Release, in which we get the opportunity to create a Lookup relationship ( linking 2 objects) for the Opportunity Product object.


We need to record the transport of goods from one point to another and keep this information in the event of an inspection or some ambiguity in the warehouse.

Having created an Opportunity in Salesforce, we add products to it, and if, in connection with the sale, our goods move to be sold and shipped to the customer, each time in the list of related records, we can add a new Transportation record, where we mark the place, date and time of the change of the location.

To do this, we create a new object called Transport and connect it using a Lookup relation to the Opportunity Product object.

It took us 15 minutes to get this facility up and running. In Salesforce, it is best to use standard solutions because they work better than custom functions created by administrators or other specialists. This ensures cost reduction when adjusting the Salesforce organization to the company’s needs and minimizes system operation errors to a minimum.

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