Does your CRM provider meet your expectations?

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In today’s post, we will refer to our experience gained from dozens of conversations and projects that we had the pleasure to implement with our Clients.

Does your CRM provider meet your expectations?

Unfortunately, we very often encounter a situation in which a company is not satisfied with the current CRM services. This affects the entire IT services market – not only CRM. A dissatisfied customer begins to question the effectiveness, efficiency – and finally, the usefulness of CRM systems or other IT systems.

As it often turns out, the provider does not fulfill its obligations. Very often, when the CRM system is implemented, the Customer is left alone. Without proper care, the ability to ask questions and human kindness, he is unable to use the new tool in the right way. We are not talking about situations where the system is poorly designed and it is already known in advance that it will not work as the Client would have liked – even if he would be able to use it in 100%.

Why do we write about it?

It often turns out that the provider’s promises far exceeded the customer’s expectations. Investments related to the implementation of a CRM system may involve significant financial outlays. We are aware of this. Unfortunately, when the price becomes the main decision criterion, it ultimately turns out that the Customer not only lost money and time, but is forced to invest again. When the system does not work as it should and it is known that there is not much that can be done, the feverish search for a new supplier begins – if the customer is not discouraged to the extent he will abandon it at all.

The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems is becoming a standard before our eyes. Companies realize that without modern technologies it is difficult to understand their customers and run a business in general. Even highly discouraged people will sooner or later be forced to resume the search for a provider of various IT services, including CRM.

Almost every person who has had similar experiences and comes to us says something like: “it should have been done like this from the very beginning“. We agree. It is better to do something once and for all, than to try to do something for less and then deal with the consequences of your decision in the future.

Salesforce is the largest CRM service provider in the World. As an industry leader, it puts a lot of effort into the constant development of its partners, such as ME PL Solution. Salesforce partners are forced to pass and renew certificates confirming their skills once a year. It is a guarantee of the quality of services for the Customer. It can be assumed that if a partner is certified, it is also knowledgeable.

Moreover, Salesforce is also constantly developing. This is evidenced by, among others, that it updates its functionalities 3 times a year. For the Customer, it is a guarantee of quality and up-to-date solutions offered by its provider. Frequent updates ensure that the supplier understands the current market needs and provides tools according to them.

If you pay cheaply you pay dearly

Based on the foregoing, one would assume that Salesforce is expensive, which is not true. As it usually happens in life, it all depends. Salesforce is also a CRM for small – or even micro-companies. You can build a good CRM based on the basic functionalities included, for example, in the Essentials license, which will meet the client’s expectations. Moreover, along with the development of the company and hence its needs, it is always possible to easily and quickly upgrade the license, that will take into account the new requirements and needs of the business.

Salesforce is a very flexible tool. This feature is gaining importance in today’s World – not only in business. Flexibility has become very important. How many times does it happen that a company changes the way it operates or changes completely? Knowing that nothing is constant and that change is the only one constant in the universe we know, it is good to think about it also when choosing a service provider. Will our supplier be able to make changes if we change the industry or the way we perform our daily duties? Will his services still meet our expectations one year after implementation? Finally, can I afford to pay less?

The post is actually directed to our current and potential Customers, but we would like fewer companies that come to us when their supplier has failed and we need to rebuild trust in the entire IT industry. Instead of saving money on everything, companies should ask themselves: can I now afford the mistakes for which I will pay sooner or later in the future?

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology. A few minutes of conversation may allow you to avoid problems in the future. Contact us today, and save yourself time, money and stress.

Grow with Salesforce!

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