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In today’s short post, we’ll outline one of the main reasons why customers are dissatisfied with the ads they get.

According to the Salesforce State of Marketing (6th edition) report:

54% of customers say they get annoyed if they are targeted with an ad for something they’ve already bought

Source: State of Marketing (6th edition), Salesforce

You might be surprised because there exists technology that allows you to personalize the advertising content you send. However, there are some companies that don’t seem to care at all, sending ads to all of their customers without thinking much about it. It is easy to alienate a customer, and rebuilding a positive relationship may turn out to be not so much costly, but even impossible.

How much time, money and energy you need to spend on acquiring a new customer is a completely different question. Every Salesperson is aware of this – at least they should. You can ask yourself: shouldn’t it be the case that if you know that something is not working or even do a harm, you should stop doing it?

If the problem in your company is caused by similar reasons, maybe instead of spending resources on trying to retain existing customers who leave because of dissatisfaction, it is better to invest in tools that will protect you from this at all? What’s more, a satisfied customer recommends further! Recommend to family, friends, acquaintances – and this is the best possible advertisement.

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