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Everyone knows that each customer wants to be treated in a unique way. Therefore, content published through various channels should take market needs very serious.

According to Salesforce report, which examined Polish marketers, says that only 53% of marketers describe their cross-channel content as being dynamic. There is still a lot of work to be done.

Today’s changes put a lot of pressure on using new solutions, mostly based on latest technologies. It is not just a fancy word like CRM, or Integrated Marketing Communication, used to show up on your website or social media, but necessity in today’s business world.

The only constant is change – nothing new. Only those companies that adapt to the rapidly changing world will be able to stay afloat and who knows – maybe even succeed?

It is worth to mention, that even CRM itself evolves. Most of the companies would agree, that sales and marketing should be integrated. One should help the other. But is that really so?

Right tools will allow you to integrate sales and marketing. CRM as
a marketing tool is not what comes to your mind when thinking about CRM. Wrong! As a result of “evolution”, Salesforce builds tools in
a way that integrates all activities into one coherent system that is easier to understand and, as a result, easier to make the right decisions based on the understanding of your company, and your customers’ needs.

Money invested in marketing should increase sales – this is why you do all of this. According to the Salesforce report, companies are not keeping up with the rapidly changing market. As a result, the funds allocated to marketing activities are not properly used and bring loss. Data from the report say, that only half of companies in Poland are aware of the importance of an individual approach to existing or new clients. What a waste!

Use CRM To unify sales and marketing at your company.

Grow with Salesforce! We will be there to watch is everything goes as it should..

ME PL Solution Team

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