Dynamic Forms

Today we present the new features added to the Lightning App Builder.

For custom objects, the ability to edit the displayed fields from the Edit Page level has been added, we are able to determine where in the page view we want to display the fields selected by us or not.

What we used to do with Page Layout editing , we can now do with the Lightning App Bilder.

Being in the editing page of the custom object, click Details and go to Record Details.

From this level, we enable the option to modify the Upgrade Now fields .

An activation window appears …
We can read some interesting information about Dynamic Forms, or not …

We choose the Layout from which the fields will be retrieved and we finish.

On the left side of Lightning Up Builder we have a new Fields tab , where the fields available on the custom object are displayed.

We can add sections with one or two columns.

For each field on the right, we define editing settings and visibility.

After adding all the fields and designing the page, we save our changes just like you do in standard editing

An exemplary view of the finished page.

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