Email-To-Case in Salesforce

Email-To-Case in Salesforce is an ideal solution fSalesforce offers a very simple way to convert E-mails from clients directly to newly created cases in our system. We will present how to do this below.

In the first step, in the Configuration search engine, enter email-to-case, then click Edit and select the squares next to the following items:

-Enable Email-To-Case

-Enable On-Demand Service

After saving our changes, in the Routing Address section, next to the NEW button, select Email2Case and then New.

The window for creating an Email-To-Case has opened.

We complement:

Routing Name – Ordinal name

Email Address – We enter the E Mail to be associated with messages sent from our clients

We can check the box next to Save Email Headers to save the email subject.

Accept Email From – We can enter domains from which will be created later. Matters in our organization

By selecting Create Task from Email, a new Task will be created associated with this Case.

Case Owner- A case can be assigned to a specific user or to a Queue.

After clicking safe, we will generate an Email Service Address link – this is the addressee to which customers will send e-mails with questions.

Below is an example of the application and practical use of the Email Service Address and a short text message.

In the photo, we can see that our message has been created and has the same title as the email subject.

If there is in our system with the same data as the person sending the inquiry, a Contact and a Company will be automatically assigned.

The last photo shows that a Task has been assigned to a Case and that the most important information has been assigned automatically.

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