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In today’s post, we will refer to the data provided by Salesforce. This time we will look at how employees perceive remote work.

According to the information from the Salesforce website:

67% of the workforce is interested in working remotely for the long term”

Source: https://www.salesforce.com

2020 was a very hard year for all of us. This was especially felt by companies which, due to the specific nature of the industry, were not able to perform their work remotely. Those who could afford it, turned their employees’ home into their office.

Interestingly, in May last year, 63% of respondents who worked remotely, of which as many as 80%, admitted they were working from home due to the pandemic. In turn, a survey conducted in June 2020 showed that only 37% of the respondents said that remote work is the most attractive solution in the long term.

The most attractive still seems to be a hybrid solution that consists in partially working in the office and at home. Employees exchange so that there are as few people as possible in the office at the same time, which is in line with the recommendations on limiting social contact.

You can ask yourself: will the changes that are taking place now will stay with us for a long run? Will remote work become the new standard? Even if we are very skeptical, it can be assumed that some of the workforce will be looking for a job that will enable them to do it remotely. This mainly applies to the new generation that is slowly entering the labor market – we are talking about the generation Z. Companies should take into account such trends in their strategies.

To provide the right tools for remote work in your company you don’t have to hire an IT company to build your own IT system such as CRM from a scratch. You don’t need to use a rigid service provided by a small company. You can use time proof solution from the one of the biggest provider of the CRM in the World – Salesforce! The CRM platform from Salesforce provides the appropriate infrastructure that is extremely efficient and flexible. You will gain tools that will allow you to organize a safe environment for remote work in your company. This is confirmed by over 150 thousand companies from all over the World that already trusted Salesforce.

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