Enhanced and Classic Letterhead Comparison

In Salesforce, we have two tools to create letterhead, Classic Letterhead available in the Classic version of the program and Enhanced Letterhead in its slightly more modern Lightning version.

In this article I would like to compare these two components and in a few short words describe the most important differences.

Starting from Enhanced Letterhead access, we can search through the App Louncher instead of Classic Letterhead from the Configuration level.

Classic Letterhead, in addition to standard functionalities for text format and editing, allows you to change colors for individual elements of the template, such as the center lines separating individual sections, background, we can also add a logo by placing it in the folder in Salesforce.

Below is the Classic Letterhead interface and an example.

Enhanced Letterhead, in addition to access from the application level, is also more transparent and intuitive to use. It also has the option of adding a photo directly from the link or from a computer. 

Below I present the interface and an example solution.

To sum up, the newer edition of the letterhead editor in Salesforce is more convenient to use, easier to access and has a modern-looking intuitive interface.

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