Factors driving IT investment

ME PL Solution Factors driving IT investment

In today’s post, we refer to data from the annual State of IT report prepared by Spiceworks Ziff Davis. What are the factors driving IT investment?

A few words about the State of IT’s Spiceworks Ziff Davis report

Companies from Europe and the United States participated in the study. Mainly people in managerial positions of companies of various sizes were surveyed. The report provides very interesting data on which this article was based.

Factors driving IT investment

Below we list some of the most common answers given by respondents to the question of what are the drivers of IT spending?

  1. Increased priority on IT projects.
  2. A need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure.
  3. Increased security concerns.
  4. Employee growth.
  5. Supporting remote workforce during pandemic.
  6. Changes to business operations during pandemic.
  7. Business revenues increases.
  8. Increased product costs.
  9. Changes to regulations/compliance standards.
  10. Inflation.

Our comment

Everything goes virtual – and it’s not just the Metaverse. There is a reason it is said that if you are not on the Net, you do not exist. Who is not looking for information about companies, products or services on the Internet today? For this reason, various types of IT projects have become a priority for companies. We ourselves meet the voices of our clients many times, who say straightforwardly: “we need a real digital transformation“.

There are many factors behind this. One of them is the concern about the security of the collected data. Investments in modern solutions allow us to better protect our clients’ data. The newer the IT system, the greater the chance that it is secure. Another factor is the willingness to catch up with the competition, which may have dealt with the digitization of the company faster. Others are changes taking place in the organization of the company’s work or the fear of another lockdown forcing our employees to work from home.

You also have to remember about the needs of employees. How to attract real talents if we are not able to provide them with modern tools. Perhaps in some time no one will want to work in a company that does not have advanced IT tools. Young people entering the labor market cannot imagine their lives without the Internet. It cannot be expected that without the appropriate tools any of the younger generation will agree to work with us.

Still thinking about increasing your IT budget?

The sad truth is that despite the huge amount of data flowing to us, most companies are still not willing to invest in modern technologies. “Everything will be fine” – they say, and then they disappear from the market. Today, regardless of the subject of the business, investments in IT are an absolute necessity. Let’s take a personal trainer as an example. Most people imagine personal meetings in training rooms. Today, personal trainers move also move to the Web.

I once heard one of the personal trainers I know saying that most of her clients come from Instagram. Time, effort – and maybe financial resources allocated to the development of the profile, allowed her to appear in the place where her client are – on the Web. Today it is difficult to imagine running any business without the help of IT tools. A company that manufacturing traditional smoking pipes I personally know, also has profiles on various social media. The examples can be multiplied almost endlessly.

Use IT to understand your customers

Your online image is one thing. The use of the data is completely different thing. Perhaps, thanks to your online image, you collect tons of data about your leads. To understand today’s business world, you need the right tools. It is difficult to remember everything – especially taking into account the amount of data flowing to us every day. Viewing data hidden in dozens of files in different folders on different media can be very difficult. You waste a lot of time searching for the data you need. Time, that can always be spent better – building relationships with customers or creating new social media content that will ultimately help you attract new customers for example.

How do you know if your actions are effective? If you don’t measure the results of your work, how do you know if your actions give the right results? How do you plan your next moves? Business is numbers. However, gathering the data alone is not enough. You need to give meaning to the data. Organize. Process.


Taking into account the data from other reports, we have reasons to assume that some of the money allocated to IT will be spent on CRM. Other data – showing the share of the largest CRM providers on the market, clearly indicate Salesforce as the absolute leader in the industry. Join the march of the digital revolution. Don’t wait for the situation force you to do so. Prevention is better than cure, doctors say. This can also be applied to the companies digitization process.

Contact us. It costs nothing to talk. We don’t bite. We also can’t force you to do anything – especially over the phone. Let’s talk about how the system from the largest CRM service Provider in the World will help you better understand your customers and your own business.

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology.

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Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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