Five time thieves

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In today’s post, we’ll focus on the top five “time thieves” listed by sales reps in the Salesforce report.

Most of them are well known and don’t need any comment.

Sales Reps’ time allocation – top 5 things Reps say they spend too much time on:

  1. Managing e-mails,
  2. Logging activities,
  3. Inputting sales data and customer notes,
  4. Finding the right person to contact,
  5. Creating follow-up tasks.

Think about how you feel on Monday morning just before opening your e-mail box? Do you feel a slight panic? Or maybe you are overwhelmed by the thought of the whole heap of messages that need to be answered – preferably now? Most people feel the same and it is – in some ways justified, although with the available technology it does not have to be this way. There are a number of tools and techniques to help you get the most out of your e-mail box. By the way – one of the techniques I liked the most when I first got interested in the topic was the one where I didn’t open my mailbox until I got through with the tasks that really need to be done.

Logging activities like phone calls, personal conversations and other is another time thief on the list. Transcription of meetings, or trying to recreate a conversation that matters to you, can take you forever. Very often Salespeople do this when returning to the office, and as it very often is – memory is not a hard drive. In addition to problems with recreating the exact course of the conversation after the meeting, it may turn out that we have missed an important detail that may ultimately affect the success of a given project. The smarter ones can record the conversation and then play it back in the office, being sure that they will not miss anything.

Keeping notes about your customers and sales notes can also be very time consuming. Anyone who has to catch up after a few meetings knows it – especially at the end of the day, when got back to the office after few meetings. Maybe the work is arduous, but necessary. We want to remember what we talked about with our important client during the last meeting, which could even have taken place months back.

When we want to initiate contact with a company, we often face the need to find the right person. It may turn out that we have internal databases, but we often lack the resources, time and, above all, the willingness to update them regularly. Perhaps the nice lady with whom we contacted about a certain matter a few months earlier, does not work there anymore? It may turn out that we have to go through many files or mailbox, wanting to find a contact to a specific person from a given company we should contact to. Everyone knows how bad it is.

Finally – creating follow-up tasks. It is good to have a well-documented history of communication with the customer which might took place on various channels. Daily duties can make us to forget what we were supposed to write down, or we miss an important date or an important detail from the conversation. This can affect the process of building a relationship and slow it down. It is important to have information about previous conversations on different channels in order to plan your next steps.

You’ve made it to the end of the list of “thieves of time“. It may turn out that in your case something completely different steals your precious time and we will not pretend to know better. We only cite a study that was conducted in different parts of the World on over 3,000 Sales Professionals.

For the readers of our blog, it will not be new when we say that we have a cure for it! As an official Salesforce partner, we sincerely believe that we are able to solve most of the problems arising from the development of technology – using (ironically!) The latest technology, from the largest CRM solutions provider in the World – Salesforce.

Contact us and find out how CRM from Salesforce will save your time so that you can focus on the things that really matter.

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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