Flow News

1.The new Spring’21 Release made it possible to remove the installed Flows from the Package, i.e. the set of changes installed with Salesforce DX.

Previously, to do this, the administrator had to change the package and then reinstall it without a specific item.

2. Until now, when sending emails using automation (Flow), we could only use plain text, without the possibility of editing it.

Now a change has been made that allows you to send messages in Rich Text format. This allows for text size, colors, boldness etc …

We will briefly show you how to use this new functionality.

At the very beginning, we create a new variable of the text template type with the rich text option selected in the body section. Then we create our email template.

After saving the variable, we add a new Send Email Action to our automation.

Another in the Rich-Text-Formatted body field we set a global constant of the True type.

And in the body section, we insert our Text Template that we created earlier.


  • https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=release-notes.rn_forcecom_flow_fbuilder_send_rich_emails.htm&release=230&type=5

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