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Salesforce Essentials with ME PL Solution

Salesforce Essentials is an ideal solution for small business that want to use the power of CRM, but do not need all the functionalities that a standard license provides.

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In the meantime, we will heat up the temperature, citing a few hot statistics from a study by NUCLEUS Research.

What will you gain by using Salesforce Essentials?

  • 50% reduction in customer loss!
  • 300% increase in sales!
  • 500% ROI in first 12 months!

As an entrepreneur, you know from the very early stage of your business, that it is way easier to keep your current customer than win a new one. What does it mean for you? The opportunity to build a strong relationship that will bring mutual benefits to all parties! A possibility to sell more products or services! Mutual satisfaction!

Sales increase does not need any comment. It is just a state every business owner desire! Here is why you do all this!

Rate of investment (ROI) is the most basic indicator used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. What does this huge number above tell us? It means that the investment in Salesforce Essentials license pays back five times within first 12 months!

Isn’t that great?!

Salesforce Essentials is a proof that the current technology allows every entrepreneur, even the smallest one, to have access to the latest technologies and to grow with them!

We are official Salesforce Partner – we proudly wear the badge on our website, and official Salesforce Essentials Partner as well! We will be very pleased to help you to take the first step on the way to growth your business with CRM!

Grow with Salesforce!

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