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New post in the “sales in times of pandemic” series!

As before, all the statistics used here come from the latest Salesforce report: “State of Sales” (4th edition).

As the report mentioned above shows, top Sales Professionals automate repetitive tasks most often.

The respondents were asked about the automation status of selected, repetitive tasks that make up a typical working day. The tasks mentioned in the survey are:

  1. Logging sales data and customer notes,
  2. Managing administrative tasks,
  3. Generating quotes/proposals,
  4. Prioritizing leads/opportunities,
  5. Determining what action to take on accounts.

The survey distinguishes between three types of Sales Professionals:

  • High performers,
  • Moderate Performers,
  • Under Performers.

According to the report, High Performers automate the most. The gap between Top Sellers and Under Performers is huge!

The summary of the automation of individual tasks, based on the answers given by the respondents, is as follows:

  1. Logging sales data and customer notes: 69% of High Performers and only 46% of Under Performers,
  2. Managing administrative tasks: 66% of High Performers and only 41% of Under Performers,
  3. Generating quotes/proposals: 65% of High Performers and only 37% of Under Performers,
  4. Prioritizing leads/opportunities: 64% of High Performers and only 30% of Under Performers,
  5. Determining what action to take on accounts: 63% of High Performers and only 27% of Under Performers.

On the average, as many as 65% of High Performers automate the most frequently repeated tasks, and only (on the average) 36% of Under Performers.

The difference is huge! And on these most frequently repetitive, mundane tasks we waste the most time. They say time is money, so automation that is designed to save time seems like a good idea!

You may ask yourself, if the best salespeople are the best because the vast majority of them automate the most repetitive tasks, or maybe they simply use the latest tools to optimize their everyday work. You can also ask yourself: if I use modern sales tools in my company, will the efficiency of salespeople increase?

With CRM from Salesforce you will automate most of the daily tasks, thus saving time that can be spent on the task that is most important in the seller’s work – sales.

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to advise you on how to use the most technologically advanced CRM solutions in your company. Join the group of over 150,000 companies from around the world and grow with Salesforce!

Grow with Salesforce!

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