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Have You ever been in a situation where You needed someone else’s help? People are limited by time, biology, and at some point, there will be problems that will be easier – or even, only possible to solve with use of someone else’s resources or wisdom. 

Then, one needs to face new problems.

  1. How to pick the right specialist?
  2. How much trust can I put in someone else?
  3. How much should I pay for the service?

Let’s start from the end of this list, because money is often the main factor in such cases. One of the advantages of the free market is that multiple providers compete with each other. So for well established products the providers will either lower price, increase quality or try to find a stable point between quality and price. In this case, all you have to do is make a choice.

Trust issues are very personal and are the source of the first big lessons You get when You start to run a team or a company. Yes, nobody will care for your business the way You do, but You can’t be everywhere. The business needs to grow to stay alive, market rules are very savage and adamant about that. So a solution for that will come with age or You are already past that. Next step is just to make a small step, to test the provider before going for a big project. Also, if someone is pushing You to make haste decisions and is limiting information provided, You should think twice.

Last but not the least, picking the right specialist! Skills, experience, knowledge and a way to measure them can be tough. In fact, some certifications mean nothing and even if they do, 2 years after getting them, we can ask: does the person still remember what they need to know to take care of our problem? Undoubtedly Salesforce is setting standards for the whole market. In order to get certification in Salesforce, first, one needs to get basic certifications like Salesforce Administrator. Then the consulting certifications which are a part of basic information that was already in Salesforce Administrator test, and a part of specialization knowledge. What is more, once You have a certification You are obligated to maintain it at least once a year. If one would fail to meet that criteria, the certificate is being canceled and one is forced to get it again. Also, there is a Trailhead platform for ongoing every day studying and expending specialist knowledge. The record of each course taken on Trailhead is being kept and is available to view for anyone on specialist profile. When it comes to check someone, You can use special page by Salesforce:


If for example one would put my first and last name (Marcin Trofiniak) into search, You would receive a list of my certifications. At this point I am owner of 6 certifications, and I hope that by the time You read it, I’ll get some more.

I hope You have a great day and will find a good specialist to help You. Also, feel free to contact us at the ME PL Solution. With certified Salesforce Experts on the board, we are ready to help.

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to design, implement, advise and train your employees to use dedicated CRM systems at your company!

Grow with Salesforce!

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