How are we doing?

ME PL Solution Salesforce Partner CRM

In today’s post, we will write a few words about ME PL Solution and how it is coping despite the difficulties we all had to face in the passing year.

Time flies and waits for no one. Fortunately, our company was not left behind and turned from a one-person business into a beautiful butterfly of microbusiness.

Someone might ask: what’s up? How do we feel in the new form? And, what are your plans?

ME PL has grown quite significantly, when one would compare it to the humble beginnings. Yet the size is still  not impressive – compared to huge companies around the World, and we might not yet hit the news front pages. 

It is worth mentioning that we are not slowing down. We didn’t slow down even during COVID and we are not slowing now. We got it through the time when our clients vanished in a fog of COVID depts and other issues. We helped those who we could during those hard times and tried to do our work the best way possible. 

As a result, we now stand strong with our loyal Clients. We approach new companies with a much better history of cooperation and higher Team experience. We managed to grow the Team and increase the number of certifications. 

We established our sales department, which under leadership of Mateusz Krzwiecki is bringing new Leads on a daily basis. Also we are very proud of one of our employees – Przemysław Król, who expands his knowledge not only in Salesforce, but also related technologies.

I know it is a cliche to say that, but finally I can say it out loud with full conviction into my words: my dear Team, I would not make ME PL to what it is today without you!

Thank You very much!

Marcin Trofinia, ME PL Solution CEO & Founder

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