How do I know if I need CRM?

ME PL Solution How do I know if I need CRM?

In today’s post, we will ask a series of questions. These question will help you determine if you really need a CRM system. How do I know if I need CRM?

If you are familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, perhaps you are wondering whether you really need it? In today’s post, we will ask a few questions. These questions will help you determine if it’s time to ask for help with the latest technologies. Perhaps the methods used so far are still sufficient?

Are your customers’ data scattered in different places?

The first question to ask yourself is, are your customer data scattered all over the place? Sometimes, when thinking about contact with a client, we wonder where to find the information we need? We remember that the e-mail address was here. The phone number there, and the website address or the subject with which the client contacted us – in another place. It often happens that with all this in mind, it’s even hard to start.

We know it well and we understand it. Searching for data on hard drive, e-mail, smartphone or other devices takes a lot of time. Time that we could use for what really needs to be done. Suppose that it happens several times a week. It may turn out to be few hours! Time is money. We cannot contact new customers. Can’t provide a help to dissatisfied customer. We also cannot plan a marketing campaign if we are looking for the data we need during this time. If you are familiar with this scenario, it means yes, your customer data is scattered all over the place.

Do you often lose important information?

The question is linked o the previous one. Not having data in one place is the most common cause of losing important data. How many times have you “missed” a phone number or e-mail address? “Let the first throw a stone”. With the sheer volume of duties and responsibilities, it is very easy to lose important information.

An example from real life. “I was about to write down the customer’s phone number right after the call. Suddenly the phone rang”. Unfortunately, after a while we realize that we do not remember the number. We might wrote it down on a piece of paper which disappears in the fever of work. “We were about to set an appointment in the calendar, but suddenly someone called and we did not do it. The day of the meeting is coming. Suddenly we receive an SMS from an unknown number (we did not save the number either), “Is something wrong? We are waiting for you”. Unfortunately – as experience shows, similar situations take place and it does not happen only in small companies. If you lose important information, this problem applies to you.

Do you have a plan in case of a sudden increase of sales?

Perhaps the question is enigmatic – it certainly requires an explanation. Humankind is a master at planning dark scenarios. But do you ever wonder what good, unexpected things can happen, which ultimately – ironically – will cause trouble? An example is the sudden increase in popularity of your products or services. Let’s assume that you sell jewelry. Suddenly one of the most recognizable influencer shows up in your products marking you on their profile. Other famous people follow her lead, and suddenly your sales team is not able to manage the situation.

Maybe you want to hire new people quickly, but do you have the right tools for them? Perhaps the way you perform your duties so far will have to change – a lot. Whatever happens, your employees need tools. Can the currently used system be easily expanded? Can you create new system users quickly and efficiently? Maybe there will be an unexpected pivot in the products you sell? Will your sales support tools be able to change when your company changes? If you cannot answer this question, you may have a problem in the future when something unexpected happen.

Do you feel like you want to disappear when you think about creating reports?

Business is numbers – we have heard it many times, nothing new. For a better understanding of the business, you need data. All decisions should be made on the data. Do you have tools that allow you to create reports at any time without reaching for some sort of tranquilizers? Suppose you need a Sales Department report to make an important decision. Let’s assume that the situation concerns a sudden change in the market that we need to adjust quickly to. Are you able to generate a report on the activities of the Sales Department quickly? Are you able to do it painlessly so that you can decide what to do next?

Do you need to be in the office to do your job?

If the answer to that question is yes, you probably stopped somewhere in the early 2000s. Back then only a few had their own home PC. More than 20 years later, mobile technology has become the absolute standard. We do not need to be in the office anymore. We should be able to easily send it from almost any mobile device connected to the Web. The times when you could only do your work from the office are long over. If, however, you need to be in the office to work, the technology used in your company is probably outdated.

Do you use standard solutions used by most of the companies? Even if they do not fully match the specifics of your company?

Let’s face it, every company is different – even when operating in the same industry. The way we perform our daily duties may significantly differ from the way they are performed in another company. Each business has unique, individual needs. It is hard to expect that one set of tools will fully correspond to the specificity of the work of each company in a given industry. Are the tools you use in your company tailored to your unique needs?

We hope that you belong to the group that responded to most of the above questions with a smile. We hope that the work in your company is easy and pleasant. However. If your data is scattered in different places. You often lose important information. If your system cannot easily develop along with the dynamic development of your company. If the thought of preparing a report gives you great reluctance and fear, and the tools, which you use only in a small part correspond to the specifics of your work and force you to adapt to the program you are currently using – CRM is for you.

We are not talking about the situation that “it would be nice to have CRM”. We are talking about the fact that you are not able to function without it!

Dynamic changes on the market. Changing customer habits. Technology development – this and many others, force us to use the latest technology in order to keep up with the market. Without it, there is no way to develop – no way even to survive!

A good CRM system is the answer to all of the questions above. With a good CRM system, all the necessary data to work will be stored in one safe place. Your employees will have access to the data they need from anywhere, from any device. Thanks to CRM you will avoid losing important information. A good CRM system will change with the changes taking place in your company. A good CRM system is also a tool to generate real-time reports that will provide you with relevant data to make quick and accurate decisions. Finally, a good CRM system is a tool that can be tailored to the unique needs of your company.

Contact us today and find out how CRM from the biggest Provider of this type of service in the World – Salesforce, can do for you.

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How do I know if I need CRM?
How do I know if I need CRM?

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