How to edit profile and create new user for Salesforce Chatter

In this article, we will show you how to edit a user profile in salesforce, add information about yourself, edit profile and background photos, and how to create a user with one of the licenses presented in the previous Link

Being logged in to our Salesforce organization, in the upper right corner, click on the profile icon ( 1 ), then by clicking on the profile name (2), we will be redirected to its edition.

Having the profile window open, we can edit our profile picture ( 4 ) and the background photo ( 3 ), by clicking on the pencil icon ( 5 ) we enter additional information about ourselves. By clicking Edit ( 6 ), we edit information about our person, which will be displayed in the Details tab.

We showed you how to create a user in our tutorial video available on our YouTube  Link  channel. We follow the same procedure as in the video, we only change the User License by selecting one of the Salesforce Chatter licenses.

In future publications, we will present information about using chat in Salesforce.

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