How to enable Macros in Salesforce?

Macros in Salesforce are automations that we can use to reduce working time when entering repeating patterns of actions performed while working on records. One click allows you to send an email, log in a conversation, or create a new task for multiple records at once.

This article will be dedicated to setting Macros in our organization and intended for technical people.

Let’s start with Macro Setting to make sure we have this functionality in our Salesforce organization.

As we move on, let’s make sure your profile has access to Macros…

In order for Macros to work properly in Salesforce, we need to enable feed tracking on each object.

Then we go to Object Manager, where we create a new Page Layout for the object where we want to place Macros. Remember to select the Feed-Based Layout square.

We edit the newly created Page Layout and enable Salesforce Mobile and Experience Actions.

Now just add Macros to the app in Salesforce. To do this, we eneter the App Manager from the list we edit the Application of our choice.

In the Utility Items section, we add Macros and save your changes.

In this way, we have added Macros to the Application and we can already start improving the organization.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to how to create Macros and streamline sales processes at Salesforce in the next one.


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