How to enable multicurrency, set as corporate and default for user

A frequently asked question by new Salesforce users is how to change the currency and set it as the default for our organization and whether it is possible to change the currency for a given user. In this article you will learn how to do it.

We enter Setup (Step 1), then enter Company Information (Step 2) in the browser, after clicking we will open the settings window, where we click Edit (Step 3).

The next step is to activate Multiple Currency (Step 4), then Save.

Once we have activated the option of adding currencies, we go back to the Company Information window, and then we enter Currency Setup (Step 5).

In the Active Currencies tab, click New (Step 6).

Now in Step 7, we select the currency of interest from the list. In the Conversion Rate field (Step 8) enter the current value of the currency rate, Step 9 determines the number of decimal places that will be displayed, save the changes Step 10.

In the window below we see a list of added currencies for our organization, we can also change exchange rates by clicking Edit next to the selected field, or deactivate one of the currencies if we do not want to use it.

To change the default currency for our organization, click Change Corporate (Step 11).

Choose the currency from the drop-down list in Step 12 and then save (Step 13).

Below in the picture I presented to you where to look for information that our actions were successful and the data has changed.

Setting the default currency for the user is very easy, you can do it yourself by entering the user settings by clicking the icon in the upper right corner 1 and selecting Settings. In the search window, enter Language & Time Zone 2, in the Currency 3 field select the currency and save.

We can easily make our sales in markets where trade is carried out in different currencies, easier to present offers to the customer. If you need help setting up your Salesforce organization, please contact us.

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