How to get the most of your Salesforce CRM system?

ME PL How to make the most of your Salesforce CRM system

Regardless of the type of business you run, investments in IT systems such as Salesforce CRM have become a necessity. As it happens in life, good preparation is the basis for achieving any goal. Already at the stage of designing the planned IT solutions, many factors corresponding to the specificity of a specific company should be taken into account. This involves costs that, if you call it an investment, do not look so terrible at all. Determining the specific needs of a given company allows you to build tools that will be used 100%. This also applies to CRM systems.

Why are companies investing in IT?

Forbes magazine warns:

only 10% of companies investing in CRM systems see a real benefit from their implementation

Source: Forbes Magazine

As if that was not enough, many companies do not fully use CRM systems, for which they pay 100% of the price anyway.

After such an introduction, it would be appropriate to simply not invest in such solutions and leave everything as is. Wait a few years and then complain that competition has reduced costs by automating certain business processes and increased profits by redirecting employees to profitable sectors.

One can come to a misconception that IT expenses are simply a waste of time and money. “But you have to”, because everyone does it, etc. A few years later we discover that our competition, thanks to various IT tools, is ahead of us.

CRM systems such as Salesforce, help to automate boring and time-consuming tasks. By optimizing processes, they reduce costs. They help define profitable projects and delegate employees to where they earn the most. CRM systems are much, much more and it is really impossible to write in one place. Because the needs of companies are different and the tool is very flexible, the system should meet unique business processes. And while the basic functions may be the same, they are quite different for each company.

In order to take full advantage of the tools, for which you pay a lot of money, you should clearly define your unique needs at the very beginning and choose the right tools for them.

World is changing. Innovation gives us the opportunity to compete, and this allows us to stay in the market. Therefore, you should focus on how not to duplicate the mistakes of others and use 100% of the opportunities offered by CRM systems.

How to get the most out of Salesforce CRM?

First and foremost, it is important to realize that the money we spent are an investment. Theoretically, the investment is expected to pay off and bring all kinds of benefits in the future. Almost immediately we ask ourselves: “how much does it cost? Or maybe I can find a cheaper one?” And often it is. Finding contractors in Asian countries that are cheaper than their Western competitors seems to solve the price problem. But is it so? If the price is the only determinant, maybe it is better to wait, amass more money and do it once, and right?

The investment is not only expected to pay off, the investment is expected to bring benefits. That is the meaning of it. If the money spent do not pay off and the implemented solutions cause more problems than benefits, why not rethink your approach? There are things that are better not to try for yourself. It is wise – and certainly much cheaper – to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own.

Cheaper is not always cheaper

Proper preparation is the key to success. In our practice, we often offer our Clients workshops. During the workshop we set the methods of solving specific problems faced by the company are presented. Discussions are conducted to define individual needs and select the most appropriate tool, or to create a new one. Yes, the workshops offered to Clients are also a cost. “Why pay to talk and present potential solutions that I’ll have to pay for anyway?” You ask. It may turn out that at the moment you simply cannot afford to implement a system that would fully meet your needs. Is the money spent in this way a waste?

Take advantage of the experience of others

Instead of finding out the hard way, let me describe one of the possible scenarios. Suppose you find a partner somewhere in Asia. Suppose you have contacted one of the domestic contractors before, and you know that their price is slightly higher than an Asian company. Additionally, Asians do not offer any workshops – just “write what you want, we will do”.

After a few weeks you get a message – your system is ready. You get a description of the functionality. Maybe there are several Skype meetings in which individual parts of the system are discussed. It turns out that not everything meets your requirements. Fixes needed – which almost always happens, no problem. At the stage of designing solutions based on the new guidelines, it turns out that it is necessary to purchase a “larger” license. It is also necessary to conduct a series of training courses for employees who are ultimately to handle the system. The costs are rising and they have long exceeded the budget.

Owners / managers, not seeing specific results, become impatient. It turns out that for the system to work as it should, much more resources are needed. During meetings with the management, you can hear: “If we had known, we would certainly not be doing it!” Meanwhile, the money was spent. Time wasted. And the system that was supposed to facilitate the work of the company, and bring benefits in the future, is not used at all.

How to Prepare?

What will you gain from the workshops? System design tailored to your individual needs! Suppose you want to change the partner. New partner based the information from the workshop, can evaluate your project without the need to spend more money. With the workshops, you will know if you are ready for the implementation of Salesforce CRM system in your company. At this stage, the expected result of such workshops should be precisely specified and a partner should be carefully selected. Workshops will tell a lot about the partner himself. Can he listen, is he accurate, how much he tries to help, etc.

As partner, we try to understand not only our Client, but also the industry in which he operates. This allows for a more precise selection of Salesforce tools. The right tool used in 100%, allow you to achieve your goals.

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology.

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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