How to not waste time during pandemic

World is full of stable states. So there used to be stable state of world of business. During that time we knew how to work and make profit. Unfortunately currently there is COVID-19 and stability is just a dream for business. Corporations are in panic mode closing projects and reducing employment which will increase effects of pandemic. 

The question we should ask now is: How to not become headless chicken or corporation in panic mode and use that time to our benefit? We could try to take lesson from companies dealing with crisis in 2008. During that period best effects right after end of crisis had companies that invested or did some unusual work during time of lowered money flow. They used that time to invest in new marketing or implemented some changes always postponed due to lack of time. Better readiness to work will help you get great profit and is better way than struggling to get any result from old ways that will not work in current situation.  

The question: what exactly can one do? is very subjective and without knowing situation it is hard to give answer. What we will list now are some of ideas that might inspire You or even be your way for upcoming days:

  1. Employees training ← during regular work times, it is never good moment to train. Our employees prefer to earn than waste time on training. So maybe now is a good moment. Especially sells teams who might be kond of lost in current economic situation. ME PL can mention here one company which help was priceless in sales training: Sandler division from Warsaw lead by Andrzeja Twarowskiego ( link: ).
  2. Change of system ← this kind of struggles always take time and effort which we could use during contacting client or selling. Now when we see lowered market needs it might be opportunity to change old, slowly working and missing features system to something new. It is ME PL field of expertise and we are more than happy to advice and help to pick system meeting Your requirements and not too expensive. 
  3. Change in how Your company operates ← often processes appear and start to be our routine on their own. This is blessed process cause it provides solutions almost on its own. But when many of such processes start to coexist there is place for redundancy and not necessary steps to appear. In such situations it is hard for employees to find them cause they got used to that. This kind of changes often require someone from outside to look at situation. ME PL had experience with one of such companies which we can without doubt promote as good choice:ConQuest Consulting ( link: )

As summary we would like to tell You: Do not let panic control You. Everyone experience lower income and there are many things You can do to deal with that. Stay safe and healthy! Best Regards from ME PL team!

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