How to send mass email by Salesforce

Often times we want to send one message to a few or a dozen people at a time.Today we will introduce you to one of the examples of how to send mass emails with Salesforce.

Our job is to send an email to the owners with a message about the lack of water in several apartments.

In the first place, we move to the Campaign object and create a new one.

-We enter the name of the campaign

-we select the type of campaign (in our case it is a direct message e mail)

-we specify the status,

-we can also plan the start and end of the Campaign

For our example, we can skip the next fields

-At the bottom of the Description Information section, we can enter details about mass email shipping.

– We’ll save Save.

We are opening up our newly formed campaign.

We go to the Campaign Members tab

In the Campaign Members window, we can add people to whom we will email.

With a red square, the option for mass email shipping is selected.

Click  Add Contact

We enter the name of the contact and add it to the list.

Then we click Next, we can choose our members’ status or add them to another Campaign. We click Submit.

We select the people we want to send emails to and on the right from the drop-down list Send List Email 

If this article has been helpful to you and you would like to learn more about mass mailing and more, please contact ME PL and consult one of our Salesforce professionals.

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