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Salesforce gives you a whole spectrum of possibilities!

This time we decided to write a little bit about using Salesforce in various types of businesses and business activities.

In today’s post we will focus on the mobile application for HR.

ME PL Solution

Everything from recruiting to contract management
ME PL Solution

Ideas for mobile applications that will push your business forward!
ME PL Solution

Mobile apps

What do you need to know?

Advanced cloud technology allows secure access to your data from any device, from any place!

No software installation required!

The mobile app is included with every Salesforce license!
ME PL Solution

HR Apps for your business!

Social Intranet
Employee onboarding

Time Off
ME PL Solution

HR Apps tailored to your unique needs!

Social Intranet App
Create a community of HR professionals to share best practices, job listings, and answer questions.

Recruiting App
Hire top talent by automating and tracking every interaction, interview stage, and follow-up.

Employee Onboarding
Automate the process of recruiting, training, and managing new hire orientation all on one standardized platform.
ME PL Solution

Automate, and help yourself!

Learning App
Access, share, and collaborate around all of your HR content in one place; bring third parties and agencies into the conversation in secure private groups.

Time Off App
Help employees ask for time off with an app that helps them schedule it and get approvals, fast.

Contracts App
Manage and view every contract in a single location.  From any device. And from anywhere.
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