If there is a problem with understanding in communication

Base of any group is communication. Many companies owner would like to say that there is your email and that’s it. But even small project will teach someone that it is just not enough. For people who work every day in same office switch to mail is not going to go well. Company should provide something similar to Facebook messenger, but better not it ( people like to dive into rest of functionality of facebook ). Other choices are Slack, gadu gadu or Salesforce Chattter or Salesforce Quip. 

Her we reach moment when we can have continues conversation remotely, but! There are some concepts that are hard to explain even to person in same room. Using voice and gesticulation often helps. Even more helpful is blackboard and pen in same room with other person. So that both people changing and drawing on the blackboard reach consensus. Such way of work one can reach with google docs, when few people connect together and edit same file. We found this still missing some functionalities, like when we make document about some spreadsheet so to compare them we need to change between them. Here enters Salesforce Quip which connects documents, drawings, spreadsheets and charts at same board where people can work. 

I hope that some of ideas will help You. If You need any help or have some questions regarding Salesforce. Please let us know.

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