If there is an issue with send files or their format

Software is made every second in modern word. What is more each software provider makes his own new format of data, cause why not. There are also application which after updating to new version have issues with opening files saved in old format. We can worry even more when we get pendrive with files and we are not sure if there is no worm of some kind between them. Those are things that might cause You to feel uneasy in best option. So maybe it is good to learn how to remove such situations from your company’s life.

First attempts of common data format is always buying same software for everyone, then after a month or year comes moment of software update ( which not everyone do … ). From my experience, the problem comes back but on smaller scale and still there is issue with pendrives of death. What we use to solve that are Cloud solutions like google drive or Salesforce. Data kept on them are shared with other by few clicks or link, there is no need for shady hardware. Also any competent service provider scans files for viruses for You. If one intend to also work in group on those files then google drive is ok but at some point one might find it not enough. Then good solution is Salesforce Quip, software designed for group work on files from different locations. What is als good to know about quip is that it is compatible with Salesforce. So if your intent is to integrate every element of Your employees work in one system. Salesforce + quip might be an answer. 

Final decision is up to You. If Salesforce interested You, ME PL might try to help. If not We can always advice You on other possible ways. 

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