If you have an issue with delay in communication caused by distance

Variety of issues that impact effectiveness of our employees during home office is great in number. Dealing with all of them in one article would be like writing a book. So we will leave all of topics regards temptations and willingness to work for some personal trainers. What ME PL would like to address today is issue with maintaining communication. 

What in office can be solved by simply waiting for 10 seconds next to someone desk to make sure we receive the answer quick. In remote situation we found ourselves now might be challenging. Not every person check email constantly. Many specialists, including me, check email in morning and in the afternoon to keep clean day for work. So logging in to mailbox then checking all of the email that came, later try to find if there is what we look for it is problematic. 

So to address this it is good to maintain some kind of internal system of communication is designed more like facebook messenger ( at same point do not make rookie mistake and do not allow it to be messenger, there is too much temptation in its surrounding ). Our proposals for that are: 

  1. Slack ← very well made with mobile version and option to use it for free with some limitations
  2. Gadu Gadu ← old communicator made in Poland it is simple and working well
  3. Salesforce Chatter ← buying salesforce just for chatter would be not good idea but if you plan to change many systems and integrate them. It would be good idea to keep everything in one system. In that way Salesforce chatter is way ahead of both predecessors we presented. 

In case the article interested you, do not hesitate and ask ME PL about Salesforce. We will let you know if it is option for You company.

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