If you have an issue with introduction of changes

What is unfortunate often one can see one of two states of how well company implements new technologies. One can be called “We do not implement we are fine” the other is “Yep we have it all!” and in my opinion both are wrong. In first scenario the company is missing almost anything they need but as long as they can do it any other way no investment is in plan. Second one is like storm. Every department use some kind of software, most of departments do not know about most of implemented solutions. In the end company pays hundreds of dollars for tools that are not going to be used. Let’s focus on second option cause first one is easy to solve ( just buy something and see how it will make change ). 

Scenario with storm of opportunities might be created in few different ways. Either company did buy tools but never introduced them to employees, or lot’s of tools were bought at same time and people just stopped researching them after few first options they found. 

Very often it is that, it is not about tool but the way how we introduce it to staff. Cause even system for pail of cash with all the functions in the world will not make a difference if nobody will use it. One should keep in mind that people are end users and everything should be made so they are happy with it. 

So here are some hints: 

  • Never cut costs on testing. App that is showing new way of how it is not working everytime one use them and later after each fix is changing will not be liked by your employees
  • New tools should be tested on small group of employees before introduced to whole company. It is good to check how well will it help and maybe that it is missing something or some functionality is not needed. 
  • During mentioned before small group testing pick best users. Those people will help you with introduction of app and will be first to be asked questions by rest of employees.
  • Pick right moment for a change. That could be whole separate article but let’s try to list most important things:
  1. New apps or tools might at beginning make work slower. So pick time when your employees are not overloaded.
  2. Do not introduce new things right before bigg holiday or period of year when most of employees are leaving for vacation. After they will be back you will need to train them again.
  • When showing new tool focus on positives. Believe me users will find bad sides on their own. 
  • After main training/introduction make sure that everyone know who to ask about how to use the innovation. ( People who feel good using the innovation are good first choice )
  • Do not introduce one change after another. People need to use some energy to switch from old habits to new one. So each innovation will take some of their enthusiasm, so big amount of changes at once will make them less happy about next one. 

ME PL hope that this advice will help You on your way. If You feel like getting more support would be nice, please contact ME PL, we will help.

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