In-App Guidance for Lightning App Builder

In 2020, Salesforce added hints to Lightning App Builder suggesting possible changes to improve our custom page view composition for records.

Lightning App builder is an application that allows you to easily create custom page designs tailored to your users.

In the attachment I send links for a broader familiarization with this application: Documentation, Exercises with application.

Now let’s edit the page by entering any record on the given object and clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner and choosing Edit Page from the list.
We will be moved to the Lightning App Builder.

To edit the page view using Lightning App Builder we need the following permissions for our user profile.

During the modification of the page, the tips should be displayed automatically in the lower right corner, but if this is not the case, clicking in the upper right corner from the Help list can manually open the tips view.

The most common hints are information about duplicate components on the page, unfilled regions, and the number of components exceeded, which may slow down the loading speed and switching between elements in the record view.

It is also helpful that the tips are displayed in real time and allow you to verify changes on a regular basis.

To sum up, the tips for Lightning App Builder can help the administrator make a better decision when customizing the site for users by easily interpreting them and making corrections on a regular basis.

I encourage you to read our previous Article, in which we describe exactly what  In-App Guidance is and how it works. 

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