In-App Guidance Spring’20 release

In-App Guidance is a tool that allows you to place prompts in the right application in your organization. In the guidelines we can include links to pages, videos or put your own text. This allows you to use this option as a guide for new users, posting information about changes and much more. Spring’20 release has brought many new solutions for this feature, which I would like to present later in the form of a small tutorial.

Specifying the display of the prompts for given profiles.

We can choose a maximum of 10 profiles and permissions for which a prompts will be displayed. The change is also that users do not need ​, View Set up and Configuration permission to see specific prompts.

Adding video for Docked Prompts 

Permanent tips have the option of adding video, which can be viewed without opening a new tab in the browser, but remember to save the external link as trusted by typing in Setup > CSP trusted site.​

Ability to use Translation Workbench to translate the prompts labels

The ability to translate names for individual tips has been added, to do this you need to have enabled Translation Language Setting to the org. Then we add the languages we are interested in assigning translators and we can now proceed to translate our hints. Click on ​ Translate select the language for which the translation will be done in Setup Component, click ​ Prompt Version, select the item to be translated. Double clicking in the column Prompt Version Title Translation let us  put the translated phrase and save for the user with the selected language, the prompt is displayed with the translation. 

When the prompts should be displayed

Prompts appear by default once every 24h, but we can set them to be displayed up to every 99 hours and 59 minutes, this option is set in Prompt Setting located in Setup > In App Guidance.

It is also possible to show hints every time the page is refreshed, all you need to do is select checkbox Show prompt when the page loads when you create or edit prompts.

Changes in the user interface

The interface in Setup has also changed, buttons have appeared ​like Prompt Settings , Start Testing, prompts are displayed, List View Search has also appeared, which allows you to easily search for hints.

Prompt Settings allow you to enable or disable all prompts added by us or in the Salesforca standard.

If you would like to learn more about this topic or implement this solution for your system, please contact our company MEPL.

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