In-App Learning

In Spring’21 Release there is a new icon in the upper right corner next to the photo with access to the user’s profile.

What is behind this road leading straight to the mountain peaks?

It is In-App Learning a combination of the Salesforce organization with the  Trailhead  learning platform.

Trailhead – this is a set of tasks with a theory for self-learning Salesforce from user to administrator.

Going to the details, let’s check what is hidden in the new In-App Learning

Clicking on the icon with ‘hills’ marked in the picture below opens a window with recommended sets of tasks for learning, clicking on the selected exercise will open modules with individual lessons in a given field of knowledge, we can solve them with the content window open all the time.
It also displays tasks that have not been completed and are being solved.

Scrolling to the bottom, we have the option of assigning an exercise to specific users or groups and pinning it to a specific place (Application, Facility) in the organization.  Click on Assign Learnings to Users.

We will be redirected to the new Learning tab, where we can create new “Lessons” and manage the existing ones. Click on New.

In the new window, select the Trailhead that interests us, then select the location where it should be displayed. In our case, it is the Sales application and the Bookmark / Home Object.

Scrolling below, we can assign a task to:

All users


Specific Users or Groups

Click Save.

As you can see below, our lesson has been saved and is visible in the Learnings tab.

Now let’s check how our newly assigned task in Salesforce looks like. The user, being in the previously designated tab, by clicking on the In-App Learning icon at the top of the window, will have a task assigned to a specific object in the application displayed.

The new In-App Learning application is useful if we want to help and suggest to our employees what lessons to use in order to use the Salesforce platform more efficiently and effectively.

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