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Another post talking about the benefits of implementing Financial Cloud Services in companies from the financial sector.

According to survey conducted by Salesforce:

“With Financial Services Cloud, advisor productivity increases 37%”

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In the light of the recently published posts on our blog, where we presented the dangers of not adjusting to the requirements of today’s market, this information is even more important.

Regardless of the industry, good organization of work in the company translates into good financial results. Good organization of an individual translates into good organization of the company – unfortunately, it goes in two directions.

The increase in the productivity of advisers in various types of organizations from the financial sector is a significant increase. Let us try put that in numbers:

  • 40 hour workweek x productivity increase by 37%, equals approximately 15 hours!

The employer gains almost two days of the employee’s work without increasing the amount of the hours within a work week!

Of course, the benefits can also be considered from the point of view of the employee himself, whose work comfort improves significantly. In addition, thanks to Salesforce Financial Cloud, his productivity increases, and allows him to achieve his goals easier and faster.

Today’s business world is changing rapidly and it is difficult to keep up with it. The market is changing. So do customers and their needs. Choose a solution that will allow you to easily keep pace – choose Salesforce! We’ll be happy to show you how!

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