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In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the new, improved version of Salesforce Sales Cloud!

Companies that started using Salesforce since the global COVID-19 pandemic:

Since the pandemic took hold, companies are turning to Salesforce to drive their business’ recovery — now creating 21% more sales leads daily in 2021 compared to 2020.”


The tools that should be mentioned, Sales Cloud allows you to organize online meetings using Salesforce Meetings. The feature allows you to host a video-conference for your Sales Team during which they can make presentations. After the meeting, automated functions creating new tasks for team members.

Einstein Conversation Insights analyzes the transcript of the meeting focusing on the most frequently used words, names of customers or competitors. Thanks to this, managers in your company will be able to better adjust the training program and plan the next steps.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), you will focus on the deals that matter the most and are potentially the most profitable. AI will also identify those customers and those transactions that require additional workload.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring helps you analyze the probability of closing a given transaction. Einstein shows which factors had the greatest impact on the success or failure of a given transaction in the past, and helps you to make better decisions for your future moves. Artificial intelligence helps in determining additional steps that should be done to increase the chances of success of a specific transaction.

Salesforce also means safe access to important data from any device, from anywhere. Working with Sales Cloud makes the work of your Sales Team easier and more transparent. Additionally, analytical tools give you an insight into the work progress of the Team and its individual members. Thanks to Sales Cloud you are able to measure the actions taken in real time, which will allow you to quickly adjust the actions to the individual needs of your customers.

A very important aspect of working with CRM from Salesforce is the availability of educational materials. Salesforce Trailblazer is a free platform that allows Salesforce users to learn how to use the system at their own pace, without any restrictions. Salesforce takes the conception: lifelong learning, very seriously. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your employees will constantly develop and educate themselves in the use of the technology you provide. This will allow you to maximize the potential of your employees and the technology itself.

AI-powered sellers will be able to respond faster and more precisely to today’s market challenges.

Equip your Sales Team with the latest, most reliable technology and rediscover sales with Salesforce Cloud!

As an official Salesforce partner, we know how to do it. We will be happy to design, implement and train your employees to use a dedicated CRM system in your company!

Grow with Salesforce!

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