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Increasing the number of potential customers (Leads) means increasing the number of chances to sell your products or services. With the innovative CRM from Salesforce, you can achieve it!

In its report, Salesforce states:

The average increase in number of customer leads is 29%

Source: Trends in Retail and Consumer Goods Marketing, Salesforce Research

The increase by nearly 30% is significant. This means 30% more chances to increase sales. Moreover, getting a new customer creates the chance that the customer will come back for more products or services. It also increases the chance that they will use other products or services offered by your company.

How will you get more leads?

With Salesforce, you can for example:

  • Get to know your target audience by aggregating disparate data into shopper insights,
  • Personalize every step of the buying journey and deliver the most relevant offers at the right time,
  • Boost engagement with an integrated experience across every touchpoint, from email, SMS, push notifications, chat, web, and ads — all orchestrated in real-time,
  • Use powerful reporting and analytics to maximize your marketing campaigns, ultimately driving ROI and growing your business.

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Salesforce provides many tools you can use to develop your company by optimizing business processes.

This is only a fraction of what Salesforce can do for your business. As a Salesforce Partner, we know how to get the most of it!

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