Is your company ready for a Pandemic?

The most challenging tests come by them self. One of such test for many companies is coronavirus. Employers need to manage hard situation in which making even continuation of sale might be hard, not mentioning starting new deals. What is not making it easier, whole work schema that has been established is changed with home office situation enforced by pandemia. In ME PL we managed to minimise effects, by maintaining main requirements of healthy business. For ME PL they are communication and integrity. Based on our experience everyone should communicate freely. What that means is that everyone should have every required resource, which will allow them to communicate what they are thinking about or issue they have. Any one working for longer than a week knows that it is hard even when being in one room with the other person. Also this leads us to integrity, what we mean by that is no issue with information we share with others. Issues like wrong format of file or older version of software should not be a problem. With that in mind we gathered our simple solutions in series of articles separated so that You dear reader would read only what is interesting for you:


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