Lead Object

Work in Salesforce is based on 4 basic objects like:

Leads – potential customers or potential interests

Accounts – companies with which we already cooperate

Contacts – these are employees of companies, they can often be people previously saved as Lead

Opportunities – a record by which we prepare and present an offer for the client. 

In this article, we will focus on the Lead object whose records are the first step in searching for customers.

If we have found a company or person who could express interest in our product, but we have not yet contacted it, and we do not have it in the Salesforce database, the Lead object is used to store this type of information.

We can store a lot of information on the Lead object record, depending on the sales process in a given company. Creating custom fields is a common practice among Salesforce users.

There are activities available for Lead object records, thanks to which we are able to record all attempts to contact and talk to a potential client.

When our attack on a potential customer has proven effective, using Conversion, we are able to create records needed in the further sales process (Account, Contact, Opportunity).

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