List View In Salesforce

In Salesforce, we use List View to display data so that we can filter the records displayed, view them using a chart, and edit the contents of fields from the list.

Below is a graphic with a description of the individual elements of the view.

A List View is a way to present records for a given Object.

An Object is a table with data that contains records or rows in a table, and fields are column headings.

Each Object in your organization has its own List View assigned to it only. By editing the standard List View  available to each user, we’re changing their appearance for all users. 

By selecting a pin next to the names, we will make the list pinned to the Object. This means that every time we access this tab, you’ll see a list that we’ve pinned.

From the List View, we can edit our records by selecting squares by naming them, then clicking on any box and in turn in the pencil icon, a window will open to us.

With which you can edit one field or by selecting a square, edit the fields on all previously selected records.

The List View management tools are selected below:

The first field on the left is used to search for records by their name. 

Under the gear icon are hidden the editing options for the List. 

Use the button with the table drawn to change the display view. We have to choose the form of Table or Kanban.

We can also view our records shown in  Llist Views in the form of charts.

By using filters, we can group our records based on the values in the fields.

Let’s remember permissions, because only profiles with this permission can edit existing lists or create new ones.

Needed User Permissions
To create list viewsCreate and Customize List Views
To create, edit, or delete public list viewsManage Public List Views

List Views are an intuitive tool for managing records for an Object, we can also from its level massively edit fields, if you would like to know more functionality in Salesforce we invite you to contact and cooperate with ME PL.

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