Manage My Domain Spring’21 Release

There are just over 1.5 months left until the calendar spring, but spring things are already happening in Salesforce. We are talking about Spring’21 Release, which brings a lot of significant changes for users of the Salesforce platform.

As in the previous year, we have prepared a series of articles for you about the most interesting, according to our specialists, changes that await us this spring.

This post will focus on setting up My Domain, which is your unique login domain for your Salesforce organization.

Going to the Quick Find Box in Setup and searching for the My Domain option, we have a choice of 2 options in our domain name.

My Domain Name is the first part of the name that will be displayed in the address when browsing our organization  https: //   meplsolution / 

Domain Suffix allows you to assign a new “tail” to an address, something that we previously couldn’t do manually from the settings. https: // meplsolution.  /

After clicking Save, we are redirected to a new window with the process of updating our domain. The name of the old and new domain is also displayed. 

We can stop the provisioning process at any time if we noticed an error.

After the process of provisioning a new domain, in the settings window, we manually confirm whether we want to keep the previous name or install a new existing one.

The process of changing the domain for the Salesforce platform involves a change in many externally installed applications on our platform. If you would like to make such a change in your company and be sure that everything will work properly, please contact us.

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