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In today’s post, we will focus on the top 5 priorities of marketers listed in the Salesforce report.

The top 5 priorities indicated by marketing specialists are:

  1. Innovative,
  2. Engaging customers in real time,
  3. Complying with privacy regulations,
  4. Improved use of tool and technology,
  5. Modernized tools and technology.

Source: State of Marketing, 6th edition, Salesforce

Two items on the list – engaging customers in real time, and tool and modernized tools and technology – were also on the top five marketer priorities list in the 2018 report.

Coming back to the list from the latest report..

Being innovative is understood as adapting to change. The year 2020 forced us all to change the way we perform our daily duties. The need for changes caused by the spread of the virus forced us to look for new ways of doing business. Innovation can therefore be understood as adapting to changes.

Engaging customers in real time means delivering solutions to potential customers when they need them. Social media, brand community building, live chats, instant recommendations are only some of them. Interestingly, the item is still on the list after two years have passed. Two years for technology today is a lot, which makes the second place on the list deserving special attention.

Regardless of whether we have access and work with sensitive data or not, almost everyone has heard about the GDPR. Compliance with the law, the privacy policy goes beyond morality or the company’s code of conduct. In order to be able to fulfill the obligation to protect the personal data we collect, an appropriate technological infrastructure is necessary. Fortunately, Salesforce takes security very seriously, as confirmed by the largest consulting companies in the World.

What about the available infrastructure that we have at hand? Everyone realizes that the use of the same tool can be very different. Access to the Internet offers many possibilities. The web browser can be used to search for useful information or watch funny movies – of course we also like to watch them! The problem arises when we do it at a time when we should be working.

The last item on the list also appeared in the 2018 report. Modernization of tools and technologies are activities aimed at keeping pace with the rapidly changing market. How many people do you know who complain about outdated software in their companies?

So we’ve finished the list. We would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that two items on the list, which were on it two years earlier, reappeared. We know that a significant portion of employees or executives are aware of the need to introduce changes, but how many of them actually do it? We understand that often the problem is the budget, the desire to stop time and keep doing things as before, not wanting to learn new things and much, much more. It does not change the fact that in order to prosper in today’s business world, the development of the company means change and you have to accept it

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