Mass Action from Split View

An interesting convenience introduced by Salesforce with the Summer’21 Release is the ability to perform mass actions from the Split View. Previously, mass editing of records was only possible in the Table view.

Split View is a combination of viewing records in the form of a table and a full record editing view.

The attached photo shows the Table view, where on the left, by selecting checkboxes, we can make mass editing of records using the buttons on the right (underlined with a line).

To change the view, expand the list marked with an arrow, then select Split View.

What is new in Split View are checkboxes next to records in the table, if a mass action is available for given records, we can select the ones that we want to update and select the interesting one from the drop-down list of actions (arrow).

Change the status and click Save.

After editing the selected records, they disappeared from the table on the left because a filter was used in the Today’s Lead list that only Leads with Not Contacted status are visible.

Link to Salesforce documentation:

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