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ME PL Solution Salesforce Partner

Today’s post is an official welcome to the new person aboard the ME PL Solution!

Despite the difficult situation on the market, we are hiring! We welcome a new person to our ranks!

A few words from Mateusz.

Let me say hello. My name is Mateusz Krzywiecki and I have just joined the ME PL Solution Team. So far, I have advised the company on marketing and sales. However, we decided that it was time to take the next step and hire me full-time so that I could fully contribute to the company’s development.

What will I do?

My tasks will mainly consist in building the awareness of the Salesforce brand on the Polish market. I will also deal with the sale of CRM from Salesforce and proprietary solutions created by the ME PL Solution.

Working in a small company is a lot of fun, but also comes with many challenges that I am aware of. I enjoy the thought of working in a young, energetic Team that has a great appetite for success and heads full of ideas. I know there is a lot to learn, but as a lifelong learning person, I am glad to be able to translate these words into action. When I think about how many new things I have to learn, how many challenges are ahead – it gives me a little thrill, but also gives me strength and energy. I am very glad I joined the Team, and on my part I can only add that I will do what I can to contribute to the further development of the company, and if there are any shortcomings I will make them up with the passion of learning, and with the persistence.

We wish you success!

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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