ME PL Solution: official Salesforce Partner

ME PL Solution Official Salesforce CRM Partner

We are extremely pleased to announce, that from now on we are official Salesforce Partner!

Many thanks to our Partner for making the whole process smooth!

We have decorated our website with a badge, which we will proudly “wear” on our website from today on!

ME PL Solution: official Salesforce Partner

We also realize that being a member of this fantastic Family comes with responsibilities. We will do everything to meet them. The partnership with Salesforce brings many benefits and presents us with new challenges. Therefore, in order to meet the constantly changing needs of the market, we are obliged to constantly expand our knowledge. New certifications, “refreshing” those already gained, new projects and constant changes make us excited. We are aware of the obligations arising from the partnership with the largest, most technologically advanced Prvider of customer relationship management systems (CRM) in the World, and we intend to meet them!

We are convinced that with the partnership we have also become a better partner for our business Partners. Our clients have gained confidence that we have the appropriate knowledge that will allow them to achieve their goals!

We are ready to help!

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology.

You can read more about our services here.

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Salesforce CRM supports your business and allows you to be more effective!

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