ME PL Solution plus New Data Labs equals CDLS!

ME PL Solution plus New Data Labs równa się CDLS!

It’s official! We’ve been writing for some time about big changes on the horizon. Today we will write what exactly they are. Time for big changes in ME PL Solution!

ME PL Solution teams up with New Data Labs!

New Data Labs was – and still is – our Client. A story like many others. Good cooperation, quick progress in the project and finally a joint – great project that I will write about today.

Our cooperation has been going continuously for several months. After the first meetings, we knew that we are dealing with wonderful People who make up New Data Labs (NDLS). As it often happens, from word to word, from meeting to meeting, our thoughts began to create a common, large project. All of this resulted in the creation of the CDLS. The abbreviation was created from words Customer Data Labs, which is to refer to the customer as a business center. Although we dealt with other areas of the IT industry, our activities are convergent. Both companies focus on the good of their customers as the main point. We really liked the professional approach of NDLS to running the business, therefore the talks were continued.

ME PL was contributed in kind to CDLS Sp. z o. o. as an organized part of the enterprise in return for 49.8% of the shares. The remaining shares were taken by the owners of NDLS Sp. z o. o. committing at the same time to implement the investment program in the Company and transfer its know-how in the field of marketing, sales, human resources management, finance and other aspects of the operation of a modern technology company.


NDLS Sp. z o. o. has unique and very interesting experiences in this field – the company was founded “from scratch” in 2015, and today is a leading Tableau Partner in Poland. NDLS serves over 300 customers (including BNP Paribas, T-Mobile, Volkswagen Group Polska, Schneider Electric and many others).

In 2019, Salesforce bought Tableau. Since then, the technology of visual data analysis developed by Tableau (otherwise one of the global leaders of the Business Intelligence market) has been increasingly integrated with Salesforce tools – while very few Salesforce Partners in Poland and Europe are able to implement both tools well enough.

Therefore, we are counting on strong synergy effects resulting from the combination of the potential of the company dealing with the implementation of Salesforce technology (i.e. CDLS Sp. z o. o.) with the unique competence of NDLS Sp. z o. o. in implementing Tableau – the highest-class Business Intelligence tools.

NDLS Sp. z o. o. will, of course, continue its operations on the Business Intelligence market unchanged as a separate entity.


Thanks to its roots, CDLS will deliver a new quality – on a European scale. As we wrote, very few Salesforce Partners are able to enrich their offer with high-class business analytics. We can already deliver it. The new company will serve its clients both in terms of BI and CRM.

Win-win – this slogan guides the common project.

At the beginning of our joint adventure, we are hopeful. We are optimistic about the future. We are in the process of building a new CDLS website. We are happy to use the knowledge of more experienced colleagues from NDLS and we are looking forward to the first results of cooperation. Work on joint projects under the new flag has already started. We are convinced that in the near future we will be able to proudly show off the common fruits of this synergy.

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology.

You can read more about our services here.

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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