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We continue the “sales in the times of pandemic” series.

As in previous posts, the information contained herein is taken from the Salesforce report State of Services (3rd edition).

84% of service decision makers cite improved or expanded mobile service offerings and operations as a priority.

Source: State of Service, 3rd edition, Salesforce

Mobility is gaining importance. This may be counterintuitive, because how can mobility become more important if we are told to work from home? Most people working from home need to have access to the right tools. Taking equipment home from the office can be a problem – location, transportation, software update, etc. Using personal device for work can cause not only some inconvenience, but also the risks resulting from the leakage of sensitive data.

Back to the topic..

Mobile services are gaining in importance because, like our customers, we want to be able to do more and more from a smartphone. Smartphones are becoming more and more advanced, and due to the size – we have it with us almost all the time. This is the whole point of implementing mobile solutions. Potential customers have their smartphones almost always with them! On the way to shopping or work – no matter where they are, the smartphone is always at hand.

80% of service decision makers say mobile service drives significant revenue, and 79% say it provides new revenue streams

Source: State of Service, 3rd edition, Salesforce

Depending on how advanced the company is in terms of mobility, managers believe that the possibility of providing mobile services is a significant source of income. Others who delayed the implementation of mobile services treat them as a new source of income.

It can be assumed that providing services without taking into account their “mobility” exposes the enterprise to significant losses.

Fortunately, CRM from Salesforce has a whole range of functionalities supporting the “mobility” of your company.

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